A true leader understands that it is not what you do but who you are. When connected to your being, a powerful vision occurs. Your unique vision. The true leader knows there is a legacy you are meant to leave for generations who come after you. The greatest obstacle to being a successful leader is doubt. Vision is not enough for when there is lack of faith, the vision is dismissed. To be a true leader it takes courage and a willingness to serve beyond fear.


Meditations for Successful Business Leadership is a powerful guided meditation album that will give you the leading edge. Whether you have a burning desire to be a leader in your community or are already an experienced business leader, you will find yourself accessing your zone of genius, your well of creativity, new levels innovation and an unspoken confidence that will impact your business and community from a local to global level.


Give yourself the gift of meditation time. It will be the best decision you ever make.


Meditation CD: $25 digital download


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“Muse” is a luxurious meditation candle that will ignite the spark of genius within you. Anytime you feel a block to your creativity or need to solve a problem, light The “Muse” candle for inspiration and clarity. Each candle is handmade with the highest quality ingredients. As you light “Muse’s” flame, high notes of fresh Jasmine flowers will lift your spirit to a place of beauty and creativity. Jasmine’s properties are soothing, calming and revitalizing for your soul. Inspiration will find you. Jasmine is most famous for being an aphrodisiac.
All successful entrepreneurs will tell you that without passion, they could not have fulfilled their vision. The “Muse” meditation candle will boost your confidence while at the same time reducing your fears and anxieties about your bold ventures and goals. “Muse” is especially beneficial when you are nervous before a presentation and need to feel your best. Feel the warmth of love in “Muse’s” incandescent glow.
“Muse” Candle: $55 plus tax & shipping.

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The Inspiration package will give you the edge you need to be a successful leader. When you create a ritual for your meditation it becomes more effective. First, think about any questions that are weighing on you. Write them down. Ask yourself, “Are there any more issues that I’m not aware of?” Write those down. You can also type them into your computer or phone. Set an intention that solutions will come. Then light The “Muse” candle. Feel the warmth of its incandescent glow.
Play “Meditations for Successful Business Leadership”. Your consciousness will expand. You can listen to one of the specific meditations or all of them, depending on what you feel you most need. After listening to the meditations, go back to the questions you wrote down and write answers in a stream of consciousness, without overthinking. If you get stuck, ask yourself, “Where have I lacked depth of vision?” “What is my single next best step?” If you do this once or twice a week you will find yourself gaining more clarity and confidence.


When you use The “Inspiration” package five to seven days a week, you will move from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to inspired on a daily basis. Inspiration creates peace of mind and accelerated success.
“Meditations for Successful Business Leadership” and The “Muse” Meditation Candle $65 plus tax & shipping.

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Joanna is the number one expert on how to get to the top of your game and get what you want!


The Big Miracle Breakthrough system will guide you daily to successfully remove your blocks, take you to the top of your game and keep you there.


You can download the entire Big Miracle Breakthrough program right now. There are 10 amazing guided meditations that you can listen to any time you feel your B.S. arise. You also have 66 powerful spiritual lessons.

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I was with business coach and futurist, Roger Hamilton. We were doing a session and he was talking with me about making an impact and leaving a legacy.
I thought, “What is a way I can give back?”
I realized my greatest gift is intuition. I also knew there were many amazing people who had experienced happiness and joy in their lives and I wanted to hear their stories about how they’d created success using intuition in their lives and pass it on to you.

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Meditations for Successful Business Leadership is a powerful guided meditation album that will give you the leading edge. Whether you have a burning desire to be a leader in your community or are already an experienced business leader, you will find yourself accessing your zone of genius, your well of creativity, new levels innovation and an unspoken confidence that will impact your business and community from a local to global level.


As a business leader you need to think on the go, problem solve quickly, inspire your employees and colleagues and believe in your business plan, especially when you hit bumps in the road which no business leader escapes. Meditations for Successful Business Leadership will help you to bounce back faster, make smarter decisions and generate more profit for your business and community.


As a business leader who becomes increasingly successful, there are more demands and the feeling of not enough hours in the day to get everything you’d like to get done. Stress quickly builds as you find your circumstances control you and you are constantly reacting to situations rather than envisioning what you want, creating a specific plan and then carrying that out.


One of Steve Jobs secrets to success was using meditation as a tool to create and innovate. Google has a popular meditation and mindfulness training available to it’s employees.


A common objection is, “I don’t have enough time to meditate”. You can’t afford not to meditate if you want to be an industry leader and enjoy the success. Many business leaders get to a position of power, put on a brave face for their media appearances, employees and in business and social networking yet suffer stress, anxiety and varying degrees of depression. Meditations for Successful Business Leadership will help you reach new heights in your career.


If you do one of these meditations daily, you will access more energy, more happiness and more fulfillment. Your relationships at work and home will improve because the Meditations for Successful Leadership will uplift and energize you.


Many brilliant ideas and inventions do not come from intellect, they seem to come as insight or flashes of inspiration. This occurs more frequently when you practice guided meditation.


What makes the Meditations for Successful Business Leadership so unique and powerful is they work at an energetic, cellular and intellectual level. Your mind will often block you from achieving your vision, therefore only working at the level of the mind is not enough. You have to bypass the limitations of the mind and tap into your highest state of being. You will become a more confident business leader and feel peaceful during challenging situations. Past resentments, fears and frustrations will dissolve. You will be able to take more time to focus on your vision, doing work you love and being more influential.


What impact do you want to have in this next 12 months?
What is a vision you have that you put on the back burner because your life got so busy?


Give yourself the gift of meditation time. It will be the best decision you ever make.

Meditations CD

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Muse Candle

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Meditations CD & Muse Candle

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A Custom Guided Meditation will breakthrough your subconscious limitations so you can create your ultimate vision for your business and life.
Everyone has limitations within their subconscious mind. Most people react to the circumstances in their life. They blame and make no effort to change or trick themselves into believing they have done their best. They rarely get what they want.
The discerning soul knows that they have a choice in each moment to create the destiny they want. They do not falter from their vision. The problem is the subconscious mind.
Your subconscious mind will tell you the thing you want most is somewhere off in the future and eventually fear and doubt kicks in and takes over. Years pass and the bigger vision has been put on the back burner.
The majority of successful business leaders have taken many risks to reach their desired goal. Take a moment now to imagine what your life would be like if you lived at your full potential. How much do you want to live at your full potential? Is it a want or a burning desire?
Your Custom Guided Meditation will transform any limitations within your mind giving you the ability to take consistent action regardless of the obstacles on your path. You will become unstoppable as your ability to tap into your zone of genius is accessed. You will succeed at everything you do because your thoughts will be transformed so your beliefs work for you and not against you.
One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a Custom Guided Meditation.
When you consistently listen to your specially crafted meditation, you will find yourself achieving things you never believed possible, faster than you thought. This is because the Custom Guided Meditation bypasses the subconscious mind and connects you straight to your super conscious mind. You will amaze yourself as your creativity and productivity skyrocket.

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Joanna Garzilli is America’s Intuition Coach™. She works as an intuitive trusted business adviser behind the scenes on client deals and businesses in the millions to billions of dollars for business leaders and entrepreneurs. She has created a seven-figure business of her own.

Joanna was most recently on BBC News sharing her insight on “How to Overcome Job Rejection,” and BBC Radio talking about “How to Tap into your Intuition for Business and Life Success”. She was also on the TV shows, “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” and “Laker Girls”.

Joanna interviewed a number of celebrities in their industry for her audio series, “Intuition Masters,” including actor Matthew Modine, singer EG Daily and acting coach to the stars Howard Fine.

Joanna was professionally trained at Howard Fine Acting Studio to the top level of Master Class. She also trained with David Coury in his challenging training, “Singing For Actors”.

Joanna has combined her refined intuition, entertainment industry background and financial experience in the world of corporate finance to generate outstanding results for her clients.

Her most committed clients are quickly promoted, receive awards of recognition and increase their financial success. They are centers of influence in business and the entertainment industry.

Joanna has made many introductions for her clients through her network that have lead to movie roles, job offers, speaking gigs, powerful collaborations, real estate deals, financing for projects and many more opportunities.

Joanna is author of, Unleash The Psychic In You: How to Trust Your Intuition for Successful Decision Making. Actress, Jenna Dewan-Tatum said about the book, “A wild ride through the heights of London to the depths of the soul. I couldn’t put it down”.

Joanna produced her first movie at 24-years-old and was fortunate to hire and work closely with Academy Award winners. She worked on several of Great Britain’s top TV shows for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

As a teenager Joanna loved to socialize, she worked for London’s top club promoter Roger Michael and was often organizing big charity events including for UNICEF, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Operation Raleigh.

Joanna lives with her husband Nick and son Dominick in Marina del Rey, CA.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

- Albert Einstein -

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